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Home KFT Symposium 2017 KFT Symposium 02 - 03. Nov. 2017 Bremerhaven - Talks and Posters Topic 4: International reciprocity in scientific diving - ESDP & AAUS
KFT Symposium 2017

Topic 4: International reciprocity in scientific diving - ESDP & AAUS

Marine research is an international endeavour that benefits greatly from the collaboration and exchange of scientists across countries. The European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP) was created to enable cross European collaboration of scientific divers through reciprocal acceptance of training standards, exemplified in a common qualification. Similar efforts have been initiated to develop reciprocity between the ESDP and scientific diving organizations in the US and Australia (AAUS). In order to contribute to a decisive advance on that front, the KFT convenes this session during the scientific diving symposium. We invite representatives from the ESDP, AAUS (US & Australia) and any other countries that are interested in international reciprocity in scientific diving. In this session, the goals and challenges and experiences of international reciprocity between scientific diving organizations world wide were discussed, including the legal issues and requirements.


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